“And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart.”

— Act 2:46

Triumphant Youth Ministry

The Youth ministry has the mandate of raising champions that will influence their world and give hope to the hopeless. The Youth Ministry is comprised of strong, vibrant and agile youths full of zest and zeal for God, promoting the values of the ministry and spreading the gospel of Jesus beyond the walls of the church.

Mighty Men of Valour

Mighty Men of Valour (MMV) is the Men’s Fellowship arm of Triumphant Christian Centre. It is a platform for men to interact in other to enhance their spiritual well being, socially connected and business/professional networking.

Daughters of Zion

The Daughters of Zion is the Women Fellowship of Triumphant Christian Centre (TCC). We have a divine mandate to empower, equip and enable womanhood for kingdom service and humanity through the preaching of the Word, Prayer and Fellowship in love.

Word Of Power Bible Institute (WOPBI)

This is one of the training arms of Word of Power Global Ministries Int’l., a Ministry with a clear mandate to help people discover their victory in Christ through the power in the word, for the restoration of hope. It is a dynamic and innovative spiritual study center, widely recognized for its’ specially adapted life application courses…

Cell Ministry

The Cell Ministry is designed by God to minister to His people outside the four walls of the Church. It is equipped to serve God’s people with the fresh oil in the Temple ministry in the convenience of their community. The Cell Ministry in TCC offers succor, fellowship, maturity in the Word and fervent prayers for a turn around. Avail yourself of this awesome encounter in a cell near you today.


My testimony is in two folds. I want to appeal that we take our Wednesday Service seriously because all my testimonies on this pulpit can be tied to God’s faithfulness during the Wednesday Services. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in this church in June, 2009; and joined a service group. In this church, I have testified about a 10-year backache that got healed. Also, I have given a testimony of my deliverance from the spirit of insomnia. As I speak to you now, I do not require drugs to sleep anymore. My third testimony is about my accommodation. I came into Nigeria for a project. But the project was delayed for eight months until papa said in 24 hours, a telephone call was coming for someone in the congregation that will change his situation.  I never thought it was for me because we were many in the service that day. The following day I got a phone call from a friend asking of my whereabouts, I told him I stayed in a hotel. So he invited me to live in his place which saved me so much money.

Few weeks later, I saw another friend’s missed call, so I called him. He asked me where I stayed and I said with another friend of mine. He instructed me to go on house-hunting and also paid for my accommodation. This God is good.