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A service in TCC is always a compelling encounter with the God of Heaven! The proofs are as compelling as the deluge of mind blowing testimonies of God’s faithfulness in these services under the prophetic and anointed ministration of His servant, Pastor Samuel Olubiyo, the Senior Pastor of Triumphant Christian Centre.

Special Healing Miracle and Deliverance Service

Come and be healed and delivered from every reproach in your life, business, career and family.

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We broadcast our live services directly on our website and all our social media handles.

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Special Night of Glory

Join us this Wednesday 5 – 6pm for Breaking of Fast and Worship 6:00pm Night of Glory Service

Wednesday from 05:00 pm till 08:00 pm

Triumphant Christian Centre

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Supernatural Turnaround Divine Blessing Through

Supernatural Turnaround

I came here during NATAR with a broken heart, I was on the verge of leaving my husband’s house, I was encouraged to come here by my children as we saw the advert on TV, so I called to get the address and came here to camp with my children. As God’s Servant began to minister, everything I held against my Husband began to leave, the Word brought me to forgiving him, He also apologized and came here to join us, my almost broken home has been restored and today we all came to church from a happy Home, I told my husband I had to come here to testify of the Goodness of God.

Divine Blessing Through

During the NATAR Minister’s conference, God’s Servant gave a prophetic Word that within 24 hours, someone here will receive a financial breakthrough, as I got back to my Church, someone called from Sweden, and said He saw me in His sleep that I kept saying “Bring Money! Bring Money!!” so He called to get my account details to send money.