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About the book

Man was created to live in perfect health. There was no sickness at creation.
Sickness came as a consequence of the sin of disobedience.
The communion is the body and the blood of Jesus in a mystery meant for our
total health package.
The communion is Gods healing balm in Zion and is effective over every form of sickness and disease. It is the anti-dote to untimely death.
This book unveils the mystery of the Holy Communion and the benefits it carries for the believer. It reveals the mysterious health benefits of the communion which includes longevity.

About the author

Rev S.O. Olubiyo, the Senior Pastor of Triumphant Christian Centre. The Ministry is known as Word of Power Global Ministries Int’l born September 5th 1998 as a seed of greatness with a vision to give Hope through the means of preaching and teaching of the Word, effective prayer and quality praise &
worship. The power in the Word of God and effective fervent prayer and intercession generates the presence of God in every service through quality praise and worship which commands uncommon testimonies as living proofs in the life of every member of the Ministry.

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