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Product image 1OSMOS by TCC & UltraMANTIC
Product image 2OSMOS by TCC & UltraMANTIC
Product image 3OSMOS by TCC & UltraMANTIC
Product image 4OSMOS by TCC & UltraMANTIC
Product image 5OSMOS by TCC & UltraMANTIC
Product image 6OSMOS by TCC & UltraMANTIC
Product image 7OSMOS by TCC & UltraMANTIC

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TCC Blackpool 2024 Release!

OSMOS, takes your Sharpie to a new level.

Retail Price $60, Special Price $39.9 until March 24th.

Fewer than 200 sets of OSMOS in total. Will no longer be available at TCC once sold out.

In stock and ship in 24 Hours!

The concept of one solid object passing through another unharmed has always been one of the most cherished effects among magicians. The epitome of this genre, the legendary pencil through bill effect "Misled," created by FISM Invention Award winner Timothy Wenk, has captivated audiences for decades.

Not only bill penetration but more you can do: Collaborated with UltraMANTIC to present OSMOS - a fresh take on the Sharpie effect.

You borrow a bill from the audience, fold it, and insert a Sharpie into it. The Sharpie then slowly penetrates the bill, leaving it unharmed. Most importantly, everything is ordinary. You can even borrow the Sharpie from the audience and leave everything examined at the end.

Besides the pen through bill effect, OSMOS also offers a variety of visual effects, for example, transforming a mini Sharpie into a regular one, distorting the Sharpie, and making the pen disappear, among others.

When we shared all these variations and designs with the master Timothy Wenk, he said: "From the videos you sent, I'm not seeing the overlap. Are there videos you're NOT showing me?"

Compared to other versions, we opted for the more mainstream Sharpie marker to perform this effect. It's widely recognized and aligns better with the magician's EDC.

The key lies in the design of the primary gimmick itself. It is compatible with all Sharpies, allowing you even to borrow one for the performance. After multiple color tests, we successfully integrated the gimmick seamlessly into a real Sharpie, making it nearly indistinguishable.

For convenience and on-the-go performances, the UltraMANTIC team also designed a special carrying clip – a compact sliding magnetic structure made with imported photosensitive resin using light-curing 3D printing technology. This ensures easy daily carry and instant setup while minimizing the risk of losing the gimmick.

OSMOS not only lets you perform miracles with a regular Sharpie pen but also transforms it into a multifunctional tool.


  • Transform the regular Sharpie pen into a multifunctional tool.
  • The pen and bill can be handed out to the audience for inspection before and after the performance.
  • Well-crafted prop for performances anytime, anywhere.
  • Each OSMOS set includes a carrying clip and a regular Sharpie pen.
  • Various effects are explained in the tutorial.


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